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Migrant Workers

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Hundreds Mourn Migrant Worker Deaths

Jan. 7, 2010 TORONTO - Hundreds gathered at 2757 Kipling Avenue on Thursday evening, staring at the building from which Alexander Bondorev, Aleksey Blumberg, Fayzullo Fazilov and Vladimir Korostin fell to their death on 24 December 2009. Dilshod Mamurov is still in the hospital.

Saddened and enraged community members from the neighboring buildings joined Toronto residents and unionized workers to pay their respects. In the flickering candlelight, Chris Ramsaroop and Farrah Miranda began the somber gathering.

"Our organizations, No One Is Illegal - Toronto and Justice for Migrant Workers, spend our days in communities working with people without full status that work without protections, that are exploited, that are deported, that are killed. Today is about marking all those deaths, all those injustices".

Worker 'didn't feel safe' before scaffold collapsed

Labourers who fell to their deaths had noticed the stage that supported them was sagging. But did they know they could refuse unsafe work?

January 23, 2010
Peter Edwards
The Toronto Star

Immigrant highrise workers talked of on-the-job safety worries before four of them fell 13 storeys to their deaths on Christmas Eve, their widows say.

Vladimir Korostin, 40, a father of two, voiced his concerns about a scaffold – or "swing stage" – used at a highrise project just days before he fell to his death while repairing balconies at an apartment complex at 2757 Kipling Ave., said his ex-wife Irina Cherniakova, 37.

"He was scared to step on it (the swing stage). A day or two before the accident, he said the swing was sagging. He mentioned that he didn't feel safe enough at work."

Oksana Afanasenko, 27, the widow of Aleksey Blumberg, 33, said her husband also had safety concerns about the job, which involved repairing 252 aging balconies.

Justice for Migrant Workers Killed at Work

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- No One Is Illegal-Toronto, January 7, 2010 -

Four construction workers with precarious immigration status fell to their deaths on Christmas Eve in one of the worst workplace disasters that Toronto has seen in decades. The swing stage scaffolding they were working on broke into two pieces, plummeting the four workers over 13 stories to the concrete below at 2757 Kipling Avenue. A fifth man is in critical condition and will need medical attention for the rest of his life.

We mourn the deaths of these workers. We are enraged that such injustice can take place. Migrant workers take care of children, feed communities, construct housing, clean offices, and take up many other occupations in almost all industries but are treated like second-class workers and denied even the most basic protections.

Scrap Proposed Amendments to the Migrant Worker Regulations: Ensure Status for All!

Action AlertCoalition for Change Statement in response to the proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney
Temporary Resident Policy and Programs Director Maia Welbourne

As community, women's, immigrant rights, faith-based and trade union organizations we strongly oppose the proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program that entrench a disposable workforce with few rights. We call on the government to scrap these proposed amendments immediately and ensure real protection and justice for migrant workers.

Under a smokescreen of protection for workers, the regulatory changes would limit migrant workers' time in Canada to four years and bar them from re-entering Canada for the next six years.

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