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Laibar Singhs 'Return' to India

Update from No One Is Illegal-Vancouver

Dear friends and allies,

As you all might have heard by now, Mr. Laibar Singh will be returning to India.

In a statement released by his legal counsel Peter Edelmann to media via No One Is Illegal “Mr. Laibar Singh intends to present himself to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for removal to India. On a number of recent occasions agents from CBSA have attended at the Abbortsford Gurudwara- despite the clear indication that it was a sanctuary zone- to tell Mr. Singh that there was no chance for him to remain in Canada. Mr. Singh continues to hope that the Canadian government will allow him to remain on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but is no longer able to endure this state of limbo. He is thankful to all his supporters for their kindness.”

UPDATE: UofT Student and his Family Deported! Fight for Don't Ask Don't Tell and Sanctuary Schools Continues


Toronto- Below the stormy skies of U of T's St.George Campus, hundreds of students, campus workers and faculty rallied outside the Sidney Smith Building to demand a stop to the deportation of Saad Alam and his family.

"I never imagined that I would get this much support from so many people," expressed the 23 year old U of T student, to a crowd of cheering supporters.

Slated for deportation in less than a week, the Alam family and supporters kicked of an emergency campaign demanding the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration use her discretionary authority to grant them a Ministerial Permit to allow them to stay in Canada.

Queer Nigerian Woman and Her Children Win Deferral of Deportation! Join the Fight to Win Them Permanent Status

TORONTO - July 7 2008 - No One Is Illegal-Toronto organised alongside parishoners from a Scarborough-based Presbyterian Church and Parkdale Community Legal Services to put a temporary stop to the deportation of single mother and her children fleeing gender violence in Nigeria.

Jane Okojie is a both a victim of domestic & sexual violence in Nigeria, and was beaten by local villagers when her bisexuality was discovered. If sent back to Nigeria, she is at great risk of persecution. She has a 12 year old Nigerian son (Samuel) who she also brought to Canada from Nigeria, as well as a one year old Canadian citizen child. Jane faces possible arrest, in light of laws prohibiting same sex marriage, and serious violence if forced to return.


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May 3 2008Saturday, May 3, 2008
Christie Pits Park (at Christie subway station)
12 Noon

*This is a child-friendly demonstration.
Food and drinks will be available.
There will be vehicles on-hand for those with reduced mobility.*

Millions across North America have taken to the streets in the last two years demanding Status for All! In Toronto, workers, students, trade unionists, activists and community members have led passionate demonstrations calling for justice and dignity for immigrants and refugees.

The last year has seen unprecedented targeting of refugees in Sanctuary. Asylum seekers have been arrested from schools, workplaces and even hospital beds. Families have been torn apart. Over 12,000 friends, family, and community members have been deported.

On March 14th 2008, the Conservative government introduced a series of amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), buried in Bill c-50, a 136-page "budget implementation bill". If passed, the Minister will have the discretion to refuse applications even where the applicants meet the elitist and racist criteria for permanent residence, to refuse to even examine humanitarian applications filed from abroad, and to arbitrarily set quotas on the "category" of person that can enter Canada – including quotas based on country of origin.


Wednesday, March 26
4700 Keele Street
York University, Vari Hall

12:30pm. Buses leaving from 12 Hart House Circle (U of T)

Students and faculty from campuses across Toronto will descend on York University on Wednesday afternoon to protect one of their own. Sarah (Saintsierra Leonty), 20, a student of International Development Studies at York University faces imminent deportation to St. Lucia unless her application to stay on humanitarian grounds is accepted.

Sarah volunteers at Beatrice House, a women's shelter, and works at a local café and knitting shop. Though she won the Herb Carnegie award and recognition from the lieutenant-governor for her community service work, the former Student Council President was forced to quit University when she could not afford the high international fees.

URGENT! Act Now! CALL, FAX, PETITION to Stop Alexander Kopylov's Deportation!

If you haven't already, please take action right away to stop Alexander from being deported next Wednesday, Jan 23. Its very URGENT that we get in CALLS, FAXES and SIGNATURES in to the Enforcement Officer before Wednesday.

Details follow below.

Faces almost certain death in Russia.
He is being deported to Russia next Wednesday, 23 January 2008.
Unless WE do something NOW!

CALL the Enforcement Officer immediately at 905.405.3500
FAX the attached letter at 905.405.3533
SIGN the petition at:

Is an independent activist journalist who wrote against the violence of the Russian state.
Subsequently his newspaper was shut down, his car blew up, and he was told not to leave Rostov-on-Don.
He fled Russia knowing his life was in danger.

Sought political refuge in Canada.
It was denied.

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