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Stop Deportations

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Solidarity with Sandrine

Sandrine Simo Teclaire Massudom is a non-status woman from Cameroon, and a mother of two young children. Despite having recently given birth in the last week to a newborn boy, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is still threatening to deport Sandrine to Cameroon. We say No to Deportations! Status for All!

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-> Sample Letter to the Immigration Minister:

For more information, please contact: - 514-848-7583

Family of four cruelly deported

Immigration Canada rushed to expel family before agreement with US expired

Link To photos from Rally on October 29th to stop the deportation of the Des Roy Family

Montreal, 29 October 2009 -- A family of four was deported this morning after a very painful parting from friends, community members and supporters.

Early this morning, over 150 people gathered in support of Ranjit Dey Roy, Ratna Rani Dey Roy and their two sons, Swaikot et Swakshar, outside the Immigration Canada building on St-Antoine street. Tears flowed as community members and supporters took their leave from the distraught family. Shortly after 8am, the family was taken into custody by Immigration agents. They were deported to the United States, where they face undergoing new immigration proceedings and probable deportation to Bangladesh. The family is currently in New York.

Action Alert: Stop the Deportations of Arrested Workers

Action AlertACT! CALL! WRITE!

This Sunday, 41 workers will be handcuffed, dragged to an airport and placed on a plane to Thailand. Many of them will never have the chance to return to Canada. They were arrested with dozens of others on their way to work or while packing food at Cericola Farms, in southwestern Ontario last week. CBSA then lied to them and tricked them into waiving their legal rights. This is a targeted attack by the Tory government against migrants. Minister Van Loan can stop these deportations; Minister Kenney can grant them status.

YOU can insist that they do so.

1. Take public action against your MP, Immigration or Enforcement Office. (See list of cities below)

Bangladeshi Man Fighting Deportation to the United States and Bangladesh

Write to Jason Kenney and Peter Van Loan!

Iftekar Rana has been a Canadian resident for five years, he has been an excellent student and presently works full time as a restaurant manager.

He faces severe risk of physical harm if he is deported to the United States, where he would face prolonged detention and then removal to Bangladesh. As a political organizer in Bangladesh, Mr Rana fled the country in 2005 coming to Canada via the United States. His family members have faced financial extortion in the recent past.

Iftekar Rana's refugee claim and claims that his life would be in danger in Bangladesh have been denied by Immigration authorities. The stay motion is this Monday – December 8, 2008. If stayed, the review is on December 18, 2008.

Please read the attached letter and email and
Please Cc

All power to the people! Status for All!

Laibar Singhs 'Return' to India

Update from No One Is Illegal-Vancouver

Dear friends and allies,

As you all might have heard by now, Mr. Laibar Singh will be returning to India.

In a statement released by his legal counsel Peter Edelmann to media via No One Is Illegal “Mr. Laibar Singh intends to present himself to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for removal to India. On a number of recent occasions agents from CBSA have attended at the Abbortsford Gurudwara- despite the clear indication that it was a sanctuary zone- to tell Mr. Singh that there was no chance for him to remain in Canada. Mr. Singh continues to hope that the Canadian government will allow him to remain on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but is no longer able to endure this state of limbo. He is thankful to all his supporters for their kindness.”

UPDATE: UofT Student and his Family Deported! Fight for Don't Ask Don't Tell and Sanctuary Schools Continues


Toronto- Below the stormy skies of U of T's St.George Campus, hundreds of students, campus workers and faculty rallied outside the Sidney Smith Building to demand a stop to the deportation of Saad Alam and his family.

"I never imagined that I would get this much support from so many people," expressed the 23 year old U of T student, to a crowd of cheering supporters.

Slated for deportation in less than a week, the Alam family and supporters kicked of an emergency campaign demanding the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration use her discretionary authority to grant them a Ministerial Permit to allow them to stay in Canada.

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