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Status for All

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Immigration Canada Caves in the Face of Organizing


After years of tireless organizing by Caregivers Action Centre, Migrante, and many other groups and allies across the country, Immigration Canada extended the number of years within which Live-In Caregivers can apply for permanent status. Minister Kenney also acceded to removing the second medical test required to gain permanent status. This is proof that grassroots organizing can win changes.

Migrants in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver program (LCP), largely women from Caribbean countries and the Phillipines, must currently complete 2 years of domestic work within 3 years in order to apply for permanent status. The changes announced today would extend the time period from 3 to 4 years, and allow caregivers to count the hours worked towards the 2 years, potentially reducing the amount of time to be able to apply for status. The requirement for a second medical test prior to applying for permanent residence has also been removed for caregivers.

Live-In Caregivers and their allies have won a significant victory in ensuring status for migrants. But these changes are not enough. The LCP still ties a person's immigration status to their employer, and continues to exploit women and put them in a vulnerable position based on their status.

Stop Detentions! Stop Deportations! Status for All!

-- a statement on the detained Tamil Refugees and the Canadian Refugee system --

written by No One Is Illegal-Toronto and Tamil Youth Organization

Seventy six people from military occupied north and east Sri Lanka arrived off the coast of BC in a ship on Friday, 16 October, claiming refugee status. All but one of the men, ethnically Tamil, are still imprisoned. Days after their arrival, Kenney cut Canada's refugee acceptance targets by 60%, limiting acceptance to no more than 9,000 - 12,000 people a year. In 2008, the quota was 22,000-29,000 a year. Without any consultation, the Immigration Minister has undemocratically and fundamentally changed Canada's refugee system. The Immigration Minister has tried to belittle these migrants, calling their journey a justification for further changes.


- a statement by No One Is Illegal - Toronto -

Updated: October 17, 2009

Some believe that the Canadian immigration system is fair and generous. It isn't. And Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney are swiftly making it even worse.

They are underhandedly taking apart the so-called 'objective' points-based system. They are moving quickly to get rid of its 'humanitarian' part, the refugee process. In its place, they are setting up temporary work programs that are designed to push most migrants in to vulnerable, precarious and temporary jobs without access to services or the ability to unionize.

In 2008, for the first time, more people entered the work force on exploitative temporary work programs than with access to permanent residency!

National Video Competition: No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism

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No One Is Illegal-Toronto, No One Is Illegal-Vancouver and are pleased to announce the official launch of the 2009-2010 “No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism!” National Video Competition.

Youth are invited to take a stand against racism with us! Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, has continued a trend of cutting funding for settlement agencies, breaking the refugee system and increasing temporary work programs. These are acts of racist discrimination. Now Kenney has called for a video competition called ‘Racism. Stop it!’ This is another attempt to fool us in to thinking that Immigration Canada is not racist. The “No One Is Illegal! Stop Immigration Canada’s Racism!” National Video Competition is a contest which invites youth, to submit short videos (45 to 60 seconds) on their thoughts about Canada’s racist immigration system. This initiative will reach thousands of people across Turtle Island through community migrant justice networks, educators and youth, and through features with our media sponsor

Toronto Camp in Solidarity with Migrants Under Attack in France

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Oct/02/2009 - 11:00 am


Friday, 02 October 2009
2 Bloor Street East

At 9am on Tuesday morning, 11 migrants in Calais, France started a highly visible hunger strike in the port area to oppose the recent use of heavy military force and other state violence against migrant camps in the area, largely comprised of non-status Afghanis.

In solidarity with the hunger strikers, and in direct opposition to the criminalization of migrants and Canada’s war in Afghanistan, No One Is Illegal – Toronto is calling for a camp to be setup outside the French Consulate in Toronto on Friday, 02 October 2009 at 11am.


Jul/23/2009 - 1:00 pm

Please note the change in the plan due to rain:

The rally will be held inside the drop-in space at The Stop Community Food Centre at 1884 Davenport Rd. There will be speakers at the rally followed by breakout discussions in English and Spanish to discuss how we want to continue organizing in defense of migrant rights here in Davenport-West and across the city.

(Organized by the Bread and Bricks Davenport-West Social Justice Group)

No Visa? No Rights?!
Community Rally & March
Thursday, July 23rd 1:00pm

Meet at the corner of Davenport & Perth (to get there by transit, take the 168 Symington bus from Dundas West station)

Come raise your voice against the Canadian government's recent decision to impose visa requirements on Mexico and the Czech Republic!

Using arbitrary powers, granted to him under Bill C-50, Kenney single-handedly slammed the door on migrants and refugees from Mexico and the Czech Republic last week.

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