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Shelter Sanctuary Status

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The SSS Sub-Campaign


Women fleeing abuse leave their homes and friends; cross deserts and seas; go over borders and through checkpoints looking for freedom, for security, for refuge. Refuge that Canada refuses to grant. Survivors of abuse applying to be refugees are being rejected by Canada. Many many are unable to leave.

Shelter, Rape/Trauma Crisis Centres, Group Counseling Homes and Community Organizations have reached out to provide basic and essential support services. People doing what the government won't do.

Makes sense?

What is senseless is that Immigration Enforcement has taken to targeting these safe spaces. First they refuse to give status, and then they take away the means to pull our lives together. We ask you, should basic services only be provided to documented women? Do you think nightmares somehow skip those who are denied status?

What you can do?

Shelter Sanctuary Status: An Evening of Resistance

Nov/25/2009 - 6:00 pm



WED, NOV 25, 2009
International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
6pm Registration, 6:30-8:30pm
Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave.)
Speakers, Theatre, Poetry, Music and more...

Every year, tens of thousands of women and trans-people travel across borders and check-points, empty their savings and make the difficult journey to Canada, leaving behind homes, families and sometimes children in search of safety. For economic security. For refuge. Often entering a system of temporary, exploitative work. Live-In Care-Givers and other migrant workers are being treated like disposable commodities by Canada. Women fighting back against violence are being denied status. Working for years. Unable to bring their families. Unable to unionize.

Enraged by this treatment and inspired by the victories of the DADT campaign in Toronto schools, the Women's Movement has risen up to demand Status for All. Shelters have opened their doors further to non-status women. Rape/Trauma Crisis Centres, Group Counseling Homes, Anti-VAW Shelters, Agencies and Community Organizations have organized to provide basic and essential support services to survivors of violence while mobilizing and advocating for a full regularization program.

Take Back the Night!

Sep/12/2009 - 5:30 pm
Sep/12/2009 - 8:00 pm

Join the Shelter | Sanctuary | Status Contingent at Take Back the Night

Saturday Sept.12, 2009
5 p.m.- Community Fair
6 p.m.- Rally
8 p.m.- March
Davenport Perth Neighborhood Centre
1900 Davenport Ave. TTC: North of Lansdowne Subway station.

Take Back the Night brings visibility to the impact of sexual violence in women's lives.

Nights hide assaults, rapes, workplace raids and deportation. Nights make our struggles invisible. Nights make us invisible.

Take Back the Night of every act of violence against women in our communities. Take Back the Night to demand status for all!

BECAUSE women seeking asylum are told they're liars
BECAUSE migrant women are arrested at work on factory floors & farms
BECAUSE police deny non-status women protection & report them to immigration
BECAUSE everyday sisters are dragged from our communities and deported


Cross-Canada Day of Action for Isabel Garcia and Non-Status Women Surviving Violence

October 2, 2008, Toronto - The fight for access to services and justice and dignity for migrant women took a giant leap forward on Thursday as national, provincial and local women's groups and community organizations launched a campaign across Canada for Shelter, Sanctuary, Status. Together we demand protection for women fleeing violence in the refugee and immigration system, and support domestic violence survivor, Isabel Garcia and her family's application for permanent status.

Protest highlights plight of refugee claimants

Ottawa must stop deportation orders against women who fled violence, rally told
October 03, 2008 - The Toronto Star

Twenty-three-year-old Ana, tall and sombre, marched with more than 100 others yesterday down the middle of Yonge St. to support Isabel Garcia, an asylum seeker who has gone underground in Toronto to avoid being deported. But she was marching for herself, too.

Ana's father paid 2 million pesos ransom for her and her brother after they were kidnapped in Mexico by "people involved with the police." After moving around the country three times to evade more violence, she was handed her passport and a plane ticket by her father and fled to Toronto two years ago. In August, the Immigration and Refugee Board turned down her refugee claim. She is appealing to Federal Court.

The single board officer hearing her case "asked me why my father couldn't do something" to protect her.

Coalition urges parties to support female refugees

A women's advocacy coalition group held a rally and discussion panel Thursday urging federal party leaders to make violence against women an issue in the upcoming election.

The group "No one is illegal" is rallying in support of a woman who is in Canada illegally but wants to be accepted into the country as a refugee. The woman is afraid to return to her ex-husband in Mexico, the group says.

Meanwhile, a women's coalition group spoke to reporters earlier in the day about asking federal parties to speak out on how they would use Canada's immigration system to help protect women.

"The state, we feel, has a responsibility for women's human rights," said Shanaaz Gokool with Amnesty International. "They must respect, protect and fulfill. The state has a responsibility, whether abuses are committed by the state or non-state actors."

They say they've heard from the NDP and Green parties but have yet to hear from the Conservatives or the Liberals.

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