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Shelter Sanctuary Status

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The SSS Sub-Campaign

Stop deporting women escaping violence, activists say

October 02, 2008 - The Toronto Star

Refugee and women's activists are calling for an immediate stay on deportation orders against immigrant women trying to stay in Canada as a sanctuary against violence.

Amnesty International and the YWCA joined the immigrant rights group No One Is Illegal today to demand the four federal parties take a stand on an immigration system that they say doesn't live up to Canada's own policies of human rights protection.

"Canada was one of the first countries to recognize" violence against women as grounds for a refugee claim, said the YWCA's Ann Dector. "We honour that on paper but not in practice."

One arm of the Immigration and Refugee Board has guidelines about women asking for refugee status because of domestic violence, but not all parts of the system follow that, said Dector.

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