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Women fleeing abuse leave their homes and friends; cross deserts and seas; go over borders and through checkpoints looking for freedom, for security, for refuge. Refuge that Canada refuses to grant. Survivors of abuse applying to be refugees are being rejected by Canada. Many many are unable to leave.

Shelter, Rape/Trauma Crisis Centres, Group Counseling Homes and Community Organizations have reached out to provide basic and essential support services. People doing what the government won't do.

Makes sense?

What is senseless is that Immigration Enforcement has taken to targeting these safe spaces. First they refuse to give status, and then they take away the means to pull our lives together. We ask you, should basic services only be provided to documented women? Do you think nightmares somehow skip those who are denied status?

What you can do?

Join the movement to force Immigration Enforcement out of shelters, trauma centres, employment centres, community agencies and all spaces where women and children surviving violence need to access services essential to their survival.

Implement Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policies at your workplace. Don't Ask women for proof of immigration status when they come to access services. Don't Tell immigration authorities or any other branches of government information related to immigration status should you find out.

Let Sanctuaries be sanctuaries! Don't Ask, Don't Tell!